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Intelligent Platform for Blockchain Technologies

Intelligent solutions for blockchain interactions

Flair leverages the power of the blockchain to drive commerce of physical and virtual products. Offering a host of technologies and strategies, such as machine intelligence and automated smart contracts, tailored to the unique qualities and needs of a particular product driving demand and opening new markets.


Flair offers an ecosystem of solutions and strategies that utilize advances in blockchain technology and state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to generate new product domains that not only facilitate, but also drive demand. Futhermore, the Flair platform offers lasting value to products that would otherwise have a limited use cycle.

Multiple domain targets

The Flair platform is able to effectively target multiple domains. Detailed analysis also helps Flair build predictive models of interest and demand. Consolidation of data and analysis also provide predictive insight into up and coming trends and popular sentiments allowing for improved interactions between involved parties and early identification of potential issues.

Continuous Learning

The Flair Platform utilizes a continuous learning process by integrating advanced machine intelligence and data observation advances and constantly updates the generated predictive models. This ensures a very deep understanding of product interactions and early identification of important trends allowing for the implementation of dynamic strategies.

The Flair Crypto Card

Flair Crypto Cards contain the address and mnemonic for the ERC20 based Flair coin cryptocurrency. Flair Crypto Cards are a convienent way of issuing a secure blockchain based cryptocurrency that require little to no technical knowledge or expertise from the recipient. A Flair Crypto Card can be customized to meet specific product needs and can be obtained with the purchase of certain limited edition products.

The Flair Coin is a standards based ERC20 token also known as the Flair Token. The Flair token leverages the power and resources of the Ethereum blockchain and can be associated with custom dApps and smart contracts.

Obtaining Your Flair Crypto Card

Learn how to obtain Flair Crypto Cards online.


May 10, 2018

Los Angeles, California - Siwy Denim and Flair Intelligent Systems, Inc. announces the official launch of Siwy Denim's limited edition Crypto Jeans. With each jean incorporating a one-of-a-kind and unique cryptographically secure address based on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Press Release

March 20, 2018

Los Angeles, California - Crypto Fashion makes it's debut in Los Angeles at LA Fashion Week where Flair Intelligent Systems, Inc. announced a partnership with Siwy Denim to produce the world's first pair of Crypto Jeans.

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Press Release

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